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If you’re setting out on the freelance writing quest, this is for you ✍️

I wrote scripts for Ali Abdaal which gained millions of views, but in June I decided I wanted to work with other prolific online creators.

Since going freelance, I’ve worked with creators like Noah Kagen, Film Booth and Justin Moore.

I’m documenting how I’m building my portfolio and the tools I’m using to write YouTube scripts, and breaking down the techniques to make your next video absolutely killer.

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Each week I’m reviewing 3 YouTube retention curves and analysing why people stopped watching. You can send me yours by DM’ing me on Twitter.

I’ll also intersperse these retention reviews with other insights I have from working with some of the world’s biggest educational creators.

The world of freelancing can feel lonely and overwhelming, but if we foster a community of people sharing ideas and resources together, it’ll be so much more fun.

We’ve got this! 💪

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George Blackman

Freelance content writer working for creators like Ali Abdaal, Film Booth and Creator Wizard.